Winter Wonderland Pool Parties

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How much do you love living in Florida? We bet that love is kicked up a notch when seeing relatives annoyed with snow and other chilly forecasts. Do you plan to take a #SelfieByThePool on Thanksgiving Day? If so, let’s help make that photo turn out great by ensuring your pool and spa areas are safe and ready for winter time fun!

Fun Ideas

Planning your Holiday Themed Pool Party, especially during the actual holiday season can be a lot of fun! Decorations strung everywhere add a sense of festive cheer that can be shared no matter varying culture celebratory practices.

  • Illuminate! String one color or multicolored lights through the fences (a good distance from the water surface) for illuminated perfection
    – Encircle trees and other stationary items for a magical feel
  • Create! Draping holiday specific color schemes can transform the pool area into a colorful array of warmth and happiness
  • Decorate! Check out your local party store for decorations with the words, phrases and traditions of the specific holiday represented
  • Fascinate! A personal favorite is the Chill Lite Bubbles and other floating light creations
    – Good old fashioned floating candle creations work wonders for that living light flickering effect!
  • Recreate! Try recreating an important scene from the highlighted Holiday. From countdown clocks with a pretend ball drop and first Thanksgiving table setups to Menorahs and Mangers, there are plenty of unique options!

First Things First

When preparing for a Holiday party that will include pool play, the first step is to give your pool a routine check-up. Pool and spa maintenance is vital to ensuring the safety and good health of all of your holiday guests.

Check for hazardous levels resulting from:

  • Foundation Leaks
  • Slab Leaks
  • Pool Leaks

Home leak detection is usually overlooked when getting ready for a pool outing, but that does not mean it is an okay aspect to avoid. A leak specialist is a vital person to have in your list of contacts. That way it is easy to contact us at Certified Leak Detection for all your preparations and the marking of the most important entry on your pool party planning checklist.

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