Fall is Calling

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Fall is Calling

The natural beauty of a late autumn afternoon can be so majestic and breathtaking that you almost forget why it’s also called Fall. Co-named for all of those beautifully colored leaves falling everywhere. Dead branches and windblown debris clutter yards and clog gutters, drains and of course, pools. Even worse, they can cause damage to slabs and the substructure of outdoor landscaped areas. Even though Orlando home leak detection is not necessarily worried about the freezing weather that usually follows the fall, temperatures will still drop. Now is the time to get on Fall’s good side.

Sure ‘April showers bring May flowers’, but October/Fall brings leak repair calls. When there are both large, heavy items and small easy to wedge things cluttering your pool area and surrounding outdoor foundation, it is important to conduct slab, pool and foundation leak detection. It is actually quite normal for cracking to occur as materials and fixtures settle over time. However, if you see more than one happening overnight and/or out of nowhere, then you may be facing a leak. Look for a few unfortunate indicators like:

  • Sodden & Soggy Sections
  • Moldy & Stale Smells
  • Unexpectedly Elevated Water Bill
  • Trickling Sounds

No Vacation from Maintenance

Don’t forget about your pool during these few months of chillier weather. You would be surprised the need and use of commercial leak detection during these commonly considered “off months” of pool fun in the sun. Smart home and business owners stay on top of even the smallest foundation problems so they are not facing pricey replacements down the road. The smallest damage can turn into an irreparable mess that involves new obstacles.

Keep it Clean

The cleaner and less cluttered your pool, spa and other slabbed areas no matter the time of year, the better. Fall brings the death of leaves and rotted tree limbs that can fall, or be flown up and around, causing dangerous damage. The heavier debris can puncture pool covers, slam into fixtures and equipment and even fracture concrete if heavy enough. As we are still in the midst of hurricane season, anything can happen to your foundation and then get covered up by smaller debris. You don’t want it to be overlooked for a long period of time because of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Remember to:

  • Sweep debris away
  • Remove or tie down equipment that can be taken for a ride on the winds
  • Clip hedges and monitor straying roots
  • Manage anything that can be hazardous

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