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These are the most common questions we get from our customers about slab and swimming pool leaks.

Q: What are your business hours?

A: Monday – Saturday : 7am – 9pm Call (321) 303 9910 for appointment or fill out your info on “Contact” page for an estimate. Please include your address in the Message* portion of the form. We will reply within 24 hours.

Q: What types of water leaks does CERTIFIED locate?
A: We locate fresh water plumbing leaks, swimming pool, spa, and fountain leaks; we offer our services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Q: I think my swimming pool is leaking. How can I confirm this?
A: Most pools lose 1/8th up to 1/4″ inch of water per day due to evaporation. If your pool is losing more than that you likely have a leak in your pool. We also have a DIY TEST that you can try.

Q: Will CERTIFIED damage my pool while finding the leak?
A: No. CERTIFIED locates pool leaks using non-staining dye and acoustic methods designed to eliminate unnecessary damage to your pool. We do not use the destructive, hit-or-miss techniques that many companies employ.

Q: Does Certified dive my pool in the winter months?
A: Yes, utilizing specialized diving gear – for cold water diving – helps us to stay in longer to find all leaks.

Q: What if my pool is leaking?
A: CERTIFIED specializes in pool leak diagnosis and detection. If you think your pool has a leak, go to our DIY TEST page or go to our contact page and give us a call at (321) 303 9910

Q: Can CERTIFIED fix the problem?
A: 90% of all pool leaks are minor and can be repaired onsite by a licensed pool contractor.

Q: I think I may have a plumbing leak. How can I be sure?
A: Most water meters have a leak indicator in the shape of a star, triangle, or small gear on the face of the meter. To verify a leak, make sure that all fixtures are off including your icemaker and any devices that draws water automatically. Then check your meter to see if the leak indicator is moving. If it is, you likely have a leak.

Q: I see water or signs of water damage, but no meter movement. How can that be?
A: You may have a leak above-ground that is too small to activate the meter, or you may be seeing signs of water intrusion into your home from outside sources.

Q: What should I do if I hear water running?
A: Check inside and out to make sure no fixtures are running. If the sound persists, you likely have an underground water leak. Call CERTIFIED LEAK DETECTORS.

Q: Are my water lines in the concrete foundation?
A: Not usually. Most often, your pipes are in the soil under the foundation and only contact the foundation where they come up to feed a fixture. At those points, they are generally protected by a plastic or foam sleeve.

Q: What should my water consumption be monthly?
A: An average 3 person family uses 8 to 10 thousand gallons a month, excluding irrigation.

Q: Can a leaking toilet run up my water bill?
A: Absolutely. A leaking toilet can draw as little as a few gallons per day to over 200 gallons per hour if stuck full on. Water loss due to a leaking toilet should never be underestimated.

Q: How does CERTIFIED locate hidden leaks?
A: We use modern technology and techniques we have developed over 20 years in business. Most leaks on pressurized lines are located acoustically by listening through the slab, foundation, or wall with electronic equipment to determine the leak location.

Q: How long does it take CERTIFIED to find a leak?
A: Most leaks are found within 1 to 3 hours.

Q: What will happen if I don’t find and fix a water leak?
A: In most cases, a leak will grow to the point where it floods the home, or if it’s a pool leak, lead to very costly repairs if not found and repaired.

Q: If I have one leak does it mean I will have more?
A: Not necessarily. We have found that the life of most piping ranges from 15 to 30 years depending on the type of pipe, but one leak is not a definite indication that a system is failing.

Q: What should I do if I have had more than one plumbing leak?
A: We recommend fixing your first or second leak. After that, it is safe to assume your system is failing and you should consider re-piping.

Q: Will CERTIFIED damage my home while finding the leak?
A: No. CERTIFIED locates water leaks using acoustic methods designed to eliminate unnecessary damage to your home. We do not use the destructive, hit-or miss techniques that many companies employ.

Q: Should I authorize workers to try and find my leak by drilling into the slab?
A: This type of testing is outdated and mostly ineffective. Our proven technology renders this type of testing obsolete and prevents damage due to random drilling.

Q: Is finding and fixing and underground leak a big job?
A: In most cases it is relatively simple. CERTIFIED can locate the leak and can recommend the appropriate actions to take.

Q: Will my insurance company cover the cost of leak detection?
A: Very often yes, but we can not speak for your insurance company. We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company with questions regarding coverage.

Q: Will CERTIFIED bill my insurance company for leak detection?
A: We will gladly bill your insurance company provided we receive prior verbal or written authorization for the work to be done.