The Safety in Love

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February is the month of love! Love for spouses, love for family and friends, and love for a culture deeply rooted in American history. So in honor of love, tell us what you love most about something that is near and dear to all of us; your pool! We hope you’re showing your pool area the TLC it deserves. From safely calibrated water levels to a leak-free foundation, there is a ton of different ways you can tell your pool area I love you.

What is it about your pool that makes you excited for a dip? How do you spend your time when the weather is right to take a dive? With all this love talk, the most important “love” question is “how safe is your pool area for your loved ones?” If you’ve had your home pool built, then you are aware of the damage that can happen from a lack of proper foundation ramifications.

Some in-ground pool problems you may potentially face:

  • Expansive Soil – When the land is unfit for building sturdy structures to begin with.
  • Tree Roots – Roots will grow and not be stopped by your pesky pool structure! They will grow around and sometimes even break the slab with their strength.
  • Erosion – The gradual diminishing of the vital properties of the ground surrounding the pool foundation.
  • Air Pockets – Underneath and around the pool’s slabs can settle wrong and cause future problems. These are also a cause for erosion.

Even if you did not have your pool built, you will want to have it and its surroundings inspected for any pool leaks or foundation leaks. No one loves slipping on excess water or condensation due to slab leaks. There is also the possibility of odors caused by the pooling of water and materials nearby. This pooling can be the result of poor drainage caused by the aforementioned foundation hazards.

The more preliminary love you show your pool area, the more love it will show in return! Call Certified Leak Detection today for a thorough leak detection and the right amount of pool TLC.Natural-kit-pool

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