Spring Cleaning Means Spring Swimming

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Spring Clean That Spring Cleaning Means Spring SwimmingPool Leak Away!


Tons, or gallons since we’re all about 60% water anyway, of people use their spring cleaning as a means to end as well as a means to new beginnings. The flourishing outdoors beckon for your attention and your pool area is primed and ready. Or is it? Is that a leak? How did THAT happen? Will it harm my spring fun? The answers to these and the many more that can, and will, pop up surrounding that pesky leak can be found in the technology of leak detection.

Leak detection is just like it sounds; detecting and then correcting any leaks to the slabs and complete foundation surrounding your pool or spa area. Certified Leak Detection of Greater Orlando area adds experience and professional care to the mix and BINGO; you’re back to fun in the sun.


What Do I Look For When Spring Cleaning?

What is with all of the questions? Doesn’t matter, just keep them coming! When removing debris and other hazards from your pool area, be sure to:

  • Note any water loss in your pool or spa
    • Monitor your levels for 24-48 hours to see if rapid loss or unusual contamination is occurring. Get this fixed immediately!
    • Decipher whether your water loss is due to splashing (this is the most common cause of water loss), evaporation or a possible leak.
  • Sniff out Odors
    • Standing water develops a smell as dirt, minerals and
    • Smells mean something is growing, decaying or worse!


Hey Fellow Floridians!

Did you know that water leak detection saves lives? From preventing horrible falls due to slippery areas of excess water or trips over rigged cracks in the foundation to massive regional spills, you would be surprised of the potential damage done. Remember folks, crack kills.

Schools do it. Businesses do it. Homeowners do it. Everyone calls licensed and certified leak detection specialists that can ensure the safety of those entering their pool area.

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