Deep Freezing Diving

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Just because this writer is not a fan of the cold weather, that doesn’t people don’t love the winter as their favorite season. As the degrees drop, so do the amount of warm weather treats, activities and sports. If the year calls for it, the Winter Olympics takes place and events that make you raise an eyebrow give medals to winning countries. Even though it isn’t a recognized winter Olympic sport, cold water swimming is an annual activity to many brave participants. Even though it is uncomfortable and actually quite dangerous, many will dive right in.

Whether your choice of swim setting is open water or swimming pool, be cautious of the conditions of your swimming location. Cold water, especially at close to freezing temperatures, has different effects on the safety and security of a pool’s foundation and water quality. Occasional foundation leaks call for pool leak detection so no issues rise to the surface.

There are numerous reasons and events that have people collectively swimming in colder waters. From fundraising competitions and triathlon race events to the healing properties of cold-water swimming, humans have been doing the frozen back stroke throughout time! Many believe cold water steps-up your metabolism, contribute to weight loss, and increases your endorphins. As Reese Witherspoon says “Endorphins make you happy!” Many also conclude that:

    • Calorie Burning (due to excess energy used)
    • Increased Fertility (due to surges in hormonal development)
    • Community and Social Nature (due to camaraderie and charity revenue)

Before your graceful belly flop, make sure you have a leak specialist give you the okay on the conditions of the pool, spa or slabbed enclosure. Certified Leak Detection is ready to cool down with Orlando!

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