Protect your Back 2 School Pool!

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The Back to School Pool


While you’ve decided to make the first day of school a personal day from work to lounge by the pool with your spouse, hopefully your child’s school pool has seen the kind of maintenance yours has. Certified Leak Detection handles both residential and commercial pool leaks so we know a thing or two about open pools.

Campus pools have various uses and even though they are not necessarily “public” pools, they are used in multiple ways. No matter the event or amount of people using it, it must always be up to code. A pool leak can be very dangerous.

Some campuses have Olympic sized pools used for swim teams with goals greater than even the institution could hope for. Dreams of State and National Championships are the goal for some and merely a stepping stone for others. Regardless, the here and now of the school pool is what really matters.

From chemical imbalances in the water to cracks that lead to nasty spills just walking the sidelines, the basics of a school pool’s foundation should always have the best interest of the youngsters frequenting it. No administration


  1. School Team Sporting Events
    • Schools actually are swimming in revenue from pool set matches. From swimming meets to other water sports matches, the school pool can generate quite a bit of money.


  1. Physical Education Classes
    • Most students aren’t fond of “changing out” for PE classes but swimming at least got you a bit of splish-splash fun!


  1. Summer Camp Pool Days
    • Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings may find a school’s pool area crawling with kids having the time of their lives while being watched by camp counselors.


  1. Competitive Championship Events
    • If the pool is up to code and state regulations, the best campus pools are the sites of District, Regional and even State Championship meets & matches!


No matter the use of the pool area, pool leaks and other foundation damage can be caught, addressed and fixed with leak detection specialists near you at affordable prices! Call Certified Leak Detection of the greater Orlando, FL area today for the safety and readiness of your pool today!

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