Heat Waves and Pool Days

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With the turmoil in Turkey, and most of the world, there is a man who took the heat wave into his own hands. More like, into his own living room! Hasim Kilicoglu built his very own swimming pool in the middle of his living room. Sometimes you just want to go swimming. We can relate’ we just hope it doesn’t leak too much!


So, Central Floridians, how do YOU cool down in the middle of heat waves? For the better part of 2016’s July (to be honest, every Florida July), it has been annoyingly extra hot. Hairstyles were falling almost instantaneously, tensions took a turn for the worst and air conditioning companies went running to the banks like they might find Pokèmon hiding within!


Another thing that increased was time spent by the pool. Whether it was a commercial pool or residential pool with a gorgeous patio that’s perfect for BBQs, Orlando dove into the deep end sweaty arms first.




The last thing a homeowner or public pool manager needs is a leaking pool area at this time of year. Where it comes from, how to identify its severity and what can be done to fix it are all questions that Certified Leak Detection is well equipped to answer. Ready for 3 quick answers?

1.       Call

2.       Certified Leak Detection

3.       TODAY


See, quick. The expertise that leak detection companies provide is a necessary part of good pool maintenance. The more routinely you have your pool area inspected, the easier it is to diagnose a small problem and fix it before it turns into a big problem that takes more money out of your pocket. Remember, routine checkups help our homes just as much as our bodies.


As the heat wave begins to taper off and the Florida summer still rears its stifling head, don’t neglect the one place you can depend on to keep you cool and enjoying your fun in the sun!

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