Back To Scho-…Back To Hurricane Season

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Sure Hurricane season starts June 1st but we Floridians know it starts to get more serious right around the time school is back in session. Here at Certified Leak Detection headquarters, we say protect your pool, protect your home or business, and above all, protect yourselves! Part of doing all three of those is making sure foundations and slabs are secure and won’t assist in causing damage. Get a leak specialist out there to run a few diagnostics before and after the heavy moments of the season.

In case you didn’t heed the warnings during National Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 24-May30th), let’s take a look at a few Need-To-Knows. As Floridians, we rarely need to shut down outdoor pool usage for an entire season. However, with frequent storms, especially the tropical storms around this time of year, there are a few safeguarding warnings to heed.

Around the Pool

You still need to consider the damage foundation leaks can cause during storms. Slab leak detection is vital to keeping the water (which you paid for!) in its rightful place. Clear the area of debris, objects not secured and any obstructions that can be moved away from high winds.

Try to reduce fence/screen damage by unlatching parts to direct wind flow where it can do the least damage.

In the Pool

Drop in a bit more chlorine to accommodate the tainting by storm water and flying objects/materials. They will touch the pool surface because you SHOULD NOT COVER the pool. A torn or broken pool cover is far more expensive than cleaning those large-enough-to-tear objects.

Also don’t drain the pool either, there really is no need. At the most drain just a bit to help prevent overflow. Or friends at remind us that “An empty pool is subject to “floating” or “popping” out of the ground due to “lift” pressure from excessive ground water caused by the heavy rains that may accompany the storm.”

Appliances & Equipment

Secure and cover all plumbing fixtures, electrical equipment, and filters. This applies to those surrounding your entire house/building. Home leak detection is just as important and closer to the people and home furnishings you value.

Pool leaks in Orlando are no laughing matter and during a bad storm can be dangerous and destructive. No matter the issue origination, spa leaks, fountain leaks…it is all bad. You would be amazed how much commercial leak detection specialists can put your mind at ease during the big storm.

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