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Certified Leak Detection is an Orlando-based family-owned business, and leaders in servicing commercial and residential swimming pool leak detection needs for pools, spas, and fountains. We also locate evasive leaks in concrete slabs, swimming pool decks, and underground plumbing.

We are dedicated to service, conserving resources, and helping clients save money!

Certified Leak Detection co-founder Robert Douglas saw endless possibilities for community & conservancy. His philosophy still guides our mission today: “If it’s a leak we’ll find it.”℠
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We bring affordable solutions to major issues with FREE pool leak detection, ask us for details about this exclusive program. We know some of our competitors offer great service and value, but dollar for dollar we give the best for less every time.

We are ready to answer your questions, contact us to find and fix your leak, or visit our FAQ page for help answering questions on leak detection, swimming pools, and more!

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