“Can You Fix This Leak, Dear?” Signs of a Slab

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There are some things we just don’t want think about; the calories in an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s, if Sasquatch really does exist (do you think he’s a nice guy?), and even perhaps the ground in which our house was built on. Ignorance is bliss? Yes, when it comes to ice cream. Not so much for Sasquatch and the land your whole life resides on.

In Florida, mostly likely our home was built on a concrete foundation which means Homes there’s water and sewer lines running through or under it. Over time conditions of these pipes can deteriorate and start leaking; this is referred to as slab leak.

Now, while slab leaks are mildly easy to remedy, it is the detection and access that can have you feeling drained yourself. And while we might tend to ignore little household chores like vacuuming the couch of dog hair or cleaning in between the burners on the stove, a slab leak is not one that should be “left ‘til next weekend”.

Unfortunately, tell your husband to put his toolkit back in the garage. You need professionals to handle a slab leak.

Signs of Sewage Line Leak:

  1. A crack in the foundation.
  2. Bump or dome on the floor of your house.
  3. Washing away of soil from the foundation.

Signs of a Slab Leak:

How do you know there is a slab leak in your house when it’s below your feet and not in front of your eyes? Well, the signs are clear:

  1. A damp spot on the floor.
  2. Growing water bills despite consistent usage.
  3. Mold growth on the floor of the house.
  4. Sound of running water, even when taps are turned off.
  5. A crack in the wall or floor.
  6. A warm spot on the floor of the house.
  7. A drop in the water pressure.
  8. A constantly running water meter even when all the taps are turned off.

Possible Destruction:

An unattended slab leak may erode the foundation of your house causing structural damages to the building. It can also damage the floors, walls, and even appliances of your home. And I know you didn’t watch all that HGTV just to watch your dream kitchen to fall apart from a slab leak below it.

How to Detect a Slab Leak:

It is not an easy task to detect a slab leak. At times, high-tech leak detection equipment is required to identify the place of seepage.

However, never allow anyone to dig the floor of your house just to locate the leak. Dismantling the property to find a leak is not how professionals should perform this job.

We treat your home like our home. Certified Leak Detection are experts in Orlando pool leak detection. We can detect the leak with minimal destruction to your property.

Causes of Slab Leaks:

  1. Chemicals present in the soil cause erosion of the pipes.
  2. Ageing of pipes.
  3. Vibration of pipes.
  4. Both hot and cold water pipes corrode over time.
  5. Faulty construction practices.
  6. Pressure problems from improper pipe installations.

When you uncover the reason of a slab leak, the contractor hired should not only mend the leak but also eliminate its cause.

Fixing a Slab Leak:

Once experts from Certified Leak Detection gain access to the leaking pipe, they will provide the best possible repair option, which could be any of the following:

  • Spot Repair: The slab is opened up at the precise spot of the leak and repaired. This is a cost-effective option which is normally used when the construction is new.
  • Epoxy Pipe Coating: An advanced technique, this option is used when there are several leaks in the pipe. This method does not entail major demolitions; two holes are made near the leak and a safe liquid (epoxy) is poured inside it. The liquid, when dried, makes the existing pipe leak-proof.
  • Re-piping: This is typically used when there are many leaks in need of mending. As the name suggests, new pipe is re-laid and replaces the old leaking pipes.
  • Re-routing: This would require some demolition. When small pipes in the floor and wall need to be changed, re-routing tends to be the best option.

The moment you see any sign of a slab leak you should immediately call in the experts. In case you live in and around Orlando, Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Apopka, Maitland, Oviedo, Longwood, or Winter Springs, contact Certified Leak Detection. We don’t mean to brag, but we are the experts in diagnosing and repairing any potential concrete slab leaks. Let’s keep you safe, your home safe, and your pool safe so you can sport those new board shorts gifted from the holidays.

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