Pool Leak FAQ

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Have questions about your foundation, spa, fountain or pool leak? We have the answers. Ask the Leak Detection Experts. If you do not see your question, please contact us or call us, we are more than happy to answer.

Q: What if I choose to drain my own swimming pool?

A: NEVER drain your very own swimming pool! Have a Certified Pool Contractor on site when you lower the water in your pool. You might cause flooding in your yard and your neighbors. In addition, in most cities you are required to have a permit to drain.  If you managed to drain your pool without the hassle, we dig outside of the pool deck  to look for water in the hole. If there is none, then the walls are braced, the pool is drained, inspect water pressure, then the swimming pool is repaired. If there is water in the hole, we remove the water from exterior of the swimming pool shell, this stabilizes the pressure so we can drain it and continue with the repair.

drain swimming pool

Q: I found a small fracture in my swimming pool that seems to be leaking. How do I stop it?

A:  Most pool supply shops (i.e. Pinch-A-Penny, Leslie’s) sell A+B Putty. Rough up the fracture and place A+B Putty on the fracture till the leak has stopped.


Q: What is the most affordable way to test my pool for a leakage and I do not see an obvious fracture?

A: Turn off you pump – Get 3 or 4 bottles of red color out of your pool test kit. If your swimming pool has a light, walk around the outside screws of your niche, loosen the one screw that hold the light inside the niche, take the light out of the niche, look into the back where the cord exits and inspect there with red color too. The old metal niches have the tendency to rust and leakage. If there is no leakage there; go to your returns, your skimmer opening, inside the skimmer base and the major drain.

Orlando Pool Leak Repair

If you still cannot locate the source of the leak, contact us for a Free Leak Detection. If you live in the Central Florida area, Certified Leak Detection is here for you. We cover the entire Central Florida area and can perform a pressure test on all your pool’s plumbing and fittings. Even if the leakage is in the plumbing under your swimming pool deck, they find the precise area of the problem. They can also fix the leakage inside your swimming pool and under the deck. They are appropriately certified, authorized and guaranteed.

You should probably set up a basic evaporation test initially, to see if you actually have a leakage.

Q: How much water am I losing with my leakage?

A: Calculating area:
Length of Pool x Width of Pool = Surface Area of Pool
Example: 34 x 16 = 544 square feet (surface location).
Determining makeup water (filling up due to leak):.
(Inches of Water) x (Pool Surface Area in Sq. Ft.) x (.625) = gallons/water.

Example: Oh My!! My pool dropped 4 inches last night …
4 x 34 x 16 x. 625 = 1360 gallons/water lost overnight = BIG Leak!


Q: Should I handle pool repair works myself or work with a professional?
A: A certified professional needs to constantly carry out big repair work such as tile repair service, liner repair work, replastering, and significant devices repairs. Smaller sized swimming pool repairs such as little devices replacement can be performed by anybody.


Q: How do I know how numerous gallons of water are in my pool?

A: To figure out the overall gallons of your pool, follow these basic equations:.

Rectangle-shaped swimming pool.
Length X Width X Average Depth X 7.5 = complete Gallons.

Round Pool.
Diameter X Diameter X Average Depth X 5.9 = total Gallons.

Oval Pool.
Long Diameter X Short Diameter X Average Depth X 5.9 = complete Gallons.