When Is It The Right Time To Call A Pool Leak Detection Company

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Swimming pool leak is a serious issue and should be dealt with the concern it deserves. There are two very specific reasons why pool leak merits your immediate attention. The first of course is wastage of water and the second is your hard earned money.

Why early leak detection?

We underestimate the value of water and are not much troubled with its wastage. The amount that goes down the drain is immense and requires our urgent consideration, again for two reasons. Firstly, water should be treated as a commodity that is scarce and secondly, the responsibility we have towards nature and environment. Just imagine, a leak as small as the one from which a single drop per second is wasted, adds up to about 3000 gallons per year, the enormity of the situation is alarming, and therefore early leak detection is not just the need of the hour, it is also a service to the mankind, which every pool owner needs to adhere to strictly.

We slog all through our lives and the money we earn needs to be spent more wisely rather than splurging it on something which is avoidable. Yes, leaks if detected early on, are easy to repair and also prove to be very economical. But, minor leaks if left unattended lead to major repair work, resulting in a huge hole in the pocket.

It is therefore advisable to call a pool detection company as soon as you get to know that there is a leak in your swimming pool, the sooner the better.

How to confirm the leak

A very pertinent question that now arises is, how to conclusively decide whether your pool is leaking or not? Your pool will always lose some water to the following:

  • Evaporation- your pool can lose about 1/4” of the water present in the pool.
  • Backwash- a decent backwash can account for about one inch of the water present in the pool.
  • Splash out- depending on the number of people using the pool, you would know the amount of water lost due to splash-outs.

Well, if you still believe that your pool is consuming water in excess of what it used to earlier, you can go ahead and do a DIY test known as bucket or evaporation test to decisively conclude whether you have a leaking pool or not.

Better still, the moment you start feeling that your swimming pool is leaking you can call Certified Leak Detection and ask them for a free water loss test and hand over all your worries to pool experts in Orlando.

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