April Shower My Pool With Clarity

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April Shower My Pool With Clarity

April Showers Bring DEBRIS!


Those leisurely drives through the country on a beautiful spring day are one of the many joys April has to offer. If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, then there is plenty in store for you as well! April is known for its plentiful amounts of rain. From sun showers to seemingly torrential downpours, you can bet that your pool and spa area will reap the…benefits.

One of the first rules of a pool safety is a clean and uncluttered foundation. You don’t have to be running by the side of the pool to trip and cause accidents. A cluttered pool area hides the problems that lie beneath.


Pool Leaks

If your water levels are lower than they should be at this point, monitor the rate at which water is disappearing. You might have a leak somewhere. The first step to leak detection is clearing the area of both big and small objects that may be covering the visibility of the problem.


Slab Cracks

Cracks in the foundation can go unnoticed for long periods of time, allowing them to grow deeper and spread into bigger issues. Many times rain storms bring high winds that can pick up or break off heavy objects and toss them like paper. You would be surprised how much damage a broken tree branch can do to pool tile when thrown hard enough.


Ripped Covers

RIIIIIPP! There goes that beautiful pool cover thanks to a sharp shard or heavy mass digging into it. Check the sturdiness and durability of that outdated pool cover. Will it withstand another hurricane season?


Broken Fences

Critters love to travel through loose wiring or boards. Borrowing comes natural to them but not to your well planned spa oasis. Be mindful of how well your fence or encasing is keeping the elements, especially ones that like to scamper about, out of your pool area. The damage claws can do in hard to reach places would surprise you.


Certified Leak Detection specialists are ready and waiting to help you ward of those April showers just in time to smell the May flowers!

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