Graduation Pool Party Anyone?

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It’s going to be a hot summer fellow Floridians. Politics are on fire with election time closing in on us, the temperatures outside have been hitting the 90s since late April and now school is almost out. Graduation caps and gowns are all over social media and so are the pictures of the celebratory parties. This May, make sure when someone takes a selfie by your poolside, the setting is one that shows regular upkeep is important to you.

Graduation season is a time of new beginnings disguised as an ending. Growing up means more responsibility and those responsibilities usually involve shelling out money. College tuitions, entering the work force doing what you love, owning a home, starting a family and more come into play. Each one is rewarding in its own way as long as you remain vigilant with their maintenance upkeep!




Homeowners can all relate to the unexpected malfunctioning of an appliance or fixture and the next thing they know, greater damage is caused. The nuisance of a small leak can turn into the heartbreak of a full system replacement really fast. Routine inspection and analysis stops tiny cracks before they spread into a grand canyon.

When throwing the celebratory pool party, there a few monitoring reminders to consider.



Keep decorations that can be hazardous to the water, appliances or plumbing system out of the party planning. Or, at the least, keep tabs on them and monitor how they are used, where they are placed and if they are getting too close to a negative outcome.  There may be:

  • Small objects getting stuck in vents or flow areas
  • Sharp objects that can slice through or chip away at tile, previous cracks/holes
  • Misplaced fixtures (a light for example) that allow leakage
  • Plumbing infrequencies that backup and cause water damage


Foundation Limitations

Know your pool’s limits. Don’t invite 200 people to a small pool backyard patio. Too many bodies is also unsafe for both them and for your home! Pool slabs and foundation restraints are not foolproof. Enlist the help of Certified Leak Detection specialists to analyze how “in shape” your pool area is.

After the party is done and the graduates are happily enjoying their summer before heading off to college, be sure to monitor the pool’s water levels. You’ve put stress on the pool foundation and if there are any problems, you can catch it early and address it.

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