Why You Should Hire A Professional For Your Pool Care Needs!

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With summer around the corner, it is that time of the year when you start the process of making your Central Florida swimming pool ready for a splash – assuming you haven’t already been taking advantage of this year’s early tropical temperatures! While a pool in your backyard is fun, it is also a big responsibility for the homeowner. That is why it is best to leave pool maintenance in the hands of professionals.

Why do you need a professional pool maintenance company? 

Maintaining a pool is a specialized job. The DIY approach is fine for minor day-to-day upkeep. But, if you want your pool to be swim-ready throughout the year, it is advisable to hire a pool maintenance company. Here are some of the advantages:

1- Saves you time – If you envision spending fun-filled days and evenings enjoying your pool with family and friends, maintenance is a chore that cuts into this vision of leisure. Add travel time (and gas) spent driving to the pool supply store to the work of adding chemicals and testing the water, and what should be carefree relaxation becomes another headache.

Needless to say, a professional is able to clean the pool much faster, and knows how to perfectly balance the pool water chemistry, and do it quickly utilizing the company’s equipment and resources. Leave the work to the pros, and live the dream of your personal piece of Florida paradise.

2- Uses heavy-duty equipment – Hiring a professional pool maintenance company also ensures the technical expertise to clean the pool properly and thoroughly. Technicians are knowledgeable on cleaning procedures, and typically have equipment that is more powerful than consumer-grade tools.

3- Prevents expensive repairs – Maintenance is always cheaper than spending money on future repairs. You have to be accurate when adding chemicals to your pool, since improper pool water chemistry can lead to a lot of problems in the years to come. Though there are many DIY chemical test kits available in the market for the homeowners, still there is a big question mark on their accuracy. The accuracy of the test strips is highly suspect, and drops-based kits tend to lose their accuracy with the passage of time. But, when you hire a professional pool maintenance company, you can rest assure that they have a fresh stock of reagents and chemicals for testing your pool water.

Repairs are always expensive in comparison to maintenance, hence you can save a lot of money if you hire a pool maintenance company. If you maintain proper pool water chemistry, your pool surfaces and equipment will definitely last longer.

4- Gives you a stress-free experience – What is the point of having a pool that you can’t enjoy to the max? You cannot enjoy your pool if you are constantly stressed out about its upkeep. From pool cleaning, pool water chemistry, filters and pumps to pool equipment testing, there is a lot to worry about. When you outsource your pool’s maintenance, you can lead a stress-free life (as far as pool care goes) and spend your free time with family and friends.

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5- Reduces chemical storage risk – Keeping chemicals in your home can be hazardous if you don’t store them properly. As weather spoils some pool chemicals, you need to store them in a safe place. For example, chlorine can rust your pool and yard equipment – and even your car if you park it in the garage. Also, chemicals like calcium hypochlorite are highly flammable. Never underestimate the risks involved in storing pool chemicals. But when you hire a professional pool maintenance company, you don’t have to worry. Professionals have the required resources and knowledge to use all chemicals safely.


If you have a Central Florida swimming pool and want a hassle-free swimming experience for you and your family, just get in touch with Certified Leak Detection. We are a professional pool maintenance company with over three decades of experience in the pool care industry. A one-stop shop for your pool care needs, we make sure that you have a healthy and safe swimming experience throughout the year.

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