Why You Need To Conserve Water, And Its Advantages

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Water Conservation Tips_How to Save Water


Water Conservation Tips

Water is a scarce commodity, and the sooner we realize this fact the better it will be for the existence of mankind. You should not be surprised to note that of the total water available in the world, just 3% is fresh, and only about 1% of freshwater is deemed fit for human consumption. The remaining water is either frozen, or is too deep down in the earth to be available for human usage.

Also, with no slowing in the growth of the world population, water is a limited resource that is quickly getting depleted. Moreover, with the increasing human usage of water, there is not much left for the upkeep of the environment, a big reason to worry about. It is therefore imperative that we use water prudently, so that the generations to come don’t have much of a problem to face, and we can save the ecosystem as well.

Have you ever given second thought what you stand to lose if you keep using water excessively?

The effects of wasting water

Excessive usage of water can have far reaching consequences. In the next 50 years, according to a report of the World Waters Council, the human population is on course to a growth of about 40 – 50%, and this is going to put additional burden on the already depleting water resources. Yes, we are talking about potable, fresh water, which is required for the sustenance of human beings on this planet earth.

Ways to conserve water

If there is shortage of fresh water it can lead to widespread destruction, a scary scenario to contemplate. Here are some of the major areas where water is substantially wasted:

Raising livestock and farming – Isn’t it astonishing to note that 75% of the total consumption of water goes into raising the livestock and farming? All over the world, people are consuming meat in excess, when compare to the amount of meat we as a species previously ate. Consider this, producing one kilogram of wheat takes about 15 times less water than what it takes to get one kilogram of beef. With the world population skyrocketing, the figures are mind boggling to say the least. We can lower the consumption of water being wasted on the rearing of livestock by shifting to vegetarian meals. The amount of water we would be able to save is staggering.

Industrial usage – Water is required during the process of manufacturing several products. Although industrial giants themselves are championing the cause of water conservation, smaller units still have to follow the footsteps of their big brothers. If these units, industrialists and consumers start using water carefully, then there will be less depletion of water resources. And, if all of them together coax the farmers to start using water sensibly, then our generations to come will not have to face scarcity of water so soon.

Climactic changes causing wastage of water – Changes in the climate are also causing further depletion of water resources, as wet lands are getting wetter and dry regions are becoming drier. Water reservoirs are not able to cope up with larger flood waters, and vegetation is wilting and dying once water recedes or dries. We should work towards making the environment clean, so that natural climatic conditions don’t change to the extent that it causes havoc with our ecosystem.

Another factor that is causing huge consumption of water can be ascribed to climatic changes is the push the governments are giving to the biofuel crops. As the demand for these crops increase, the consumption of water would at least go up by 4 times what is currently.

Residential wastage – According to the World Health Organization, one in six people in this world don’t have proper access to potable water, which is water considered safe for drinking. Also, waterborne diseases is one of the leading causes of death among young children, about 3, 900 children die every day as a result. While water consumed in our residences account for only 1/10th of the total consumption, if we start saving water in our homes, it will be a big help to the mankind.

The benefits of saving water

The most important and significant benefit of saving water is that it would allow existence of human life on the planet earth for generations to come, as without it we all cannot survive for even a couple of days. The more you save the drinking water resources, the better it is for the Water Conservation Tips_Orlando Water Leaksmankind, environment, and marine life. Wastage of water is eroding this precious resource, and soon a time will come when affording potable water would become very costly, which of course can lead to a lot of unrest in the world.

Some of the other major benefits of saving water are:

Saving water can minimize the impact of water shortages and droughts – If we reduce the wastage of water we will be better prepared to combat the menace of drought. A disturbing reality, droughts have now become a routine feature in most parts of the world, which causes widespread havoc. Though potable water need is constantly on the rise, courtesy our rising population and industrial usage/ wastage, we could work towards keeping our water resources intact to the extent we can, and this is only possible if we start saving and conserving it.

The water you conserve can be effectively used in agriculture and rearing of livestock – Other than water, we also need food for our sustenance. As mentioned earlier, growing crops and rearing livestock requires water. If we don’t save water, then we will reach a stage when there would be no water left for agriculture and livestock rearing, a frightening situation difficult to visualize.

Saving water can also conserve the environment – A lot of energy, effort and money goes into the water that is made available to you in your home. If we stop wasting water, we can save a lot of energy and money that is required in pumping, treating and supplying it to our homes. This in turn reduces the level of pollution, and also save our precious fuel resources, which is how you can conserve the environment.

Conserving water can save you your hard earned money – Even today, water does not come to you for free, and you have to pay for the amount you use. You can save your hard earned money if you stop wasting water in your home. You will not just save money, you would also do good to the environment, and you can contribute to the wellbeing of future generations.

Saving water can also help reduce rising prices and political tussles – If we are unable to conserve water, then there won’t be sufficient potable water left for our consumption, which would cause prices of all essential commodities to rise. We would not just have to pay more for healthy drinking water, but it would also lead to an increase in the prices of food supplies. Furthermore, health hazards would increase, if we are not able to save water now, and all of it put together will lead to increased political unrest.

What you can do to conserve water

The least we can do to save water is to start using it judiciously, together we can make a big difference. Start using water efficient appliances, ask your children to close the tap while they are brushing their teeth, and use toilets that consume less water. You can also start using aerated faucets, and make a pledge to water your landscape and lawns with water conserving techniques, so that you don’t waste it.

But, one of the most important things when it comes to water conservation is to ensure that there are no leaks in your pipes, faucets, toilets, or pools. Your homes should be leak free, be it the plumbing system of your house, or your swimming pool. A lot of water is wasted due to leaks in our homes in the U. S. We can avoid this problem by just being a little bit more careful and sensitive about the cause of water conservation.

If you think that there a leak in your home, just contact Certified Leak Detection, leak experts in Orlando, we will locate and repair any and all the leaks in your home.

Alternatively, you can also check if there is a leak in your home, or not. Do a water meter test to find out if there is a leak in your home. Close all the faucets in your home and check the water meter. If the white triangle is moving in the water meter even after closing all the faucets, then you have a leak in your house.

Whether there is a leak in your underground plumbing system, or your toilet is leaking, Certified Leak Detection has experts who will fix the leak in no time.

The least we can do is get the leaks fixed, and play our part in water conservation.

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