Why And When To Call in a Leak Detection Company for Your Leaking Hot Tub

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After a grueling day at work, nothing is more satisfying than a hot tub bath, provided you can have one. It not just has the potential to sooth your nerves, a hot tub immersion can even lift your spirits and reduce tension. But, it is very annoying to reach home and find out that you have a leaking hot tub.

Why to call a leak detection company?

Hot tub leaks are difficult to locate and therefore can prove to be an awfully frustrating affair to handle. Hot tubs that are new generally don’t leak, but over time it might develop a leak. There are many places from where a hot tub can leak, but seldom does it leak from the shell, which is made of very strong material. Most of the hot tub leaks either originate from plumbing joints, or is attributable to seal or gasket malfunction. Also, most plumbers are unable to find and locate a leak as quickly as a pool/hot tub leak specialist.

When to call a leak detection company

There are quite a few similarities between a swimming pool and a hot tub leak detection and repair. Your hot tub, like your pool loses some water, a few inches, to evaporation in case it is not covered. It can also lose water when used frequently for long hours. You would come to know of the leak if water level starts going down significantly or if you start adding extra water as replacement.

If you finally conclude that your hot tub is losing water, it is time to call in leak detection experts, get in touch with Certified Leak Detection. With over three decades of experience in leak detection, servicing and repairing, Certified Leak Detection will locate and repair the leak most professionally. At times, a visible leak which people think they would repair on their own, can be a symptom of a bigger underlying problem.

These are some of the common places which the leak expert will check in order to find out the problem area:

  • Water leaking from the pump.
  • Water leaking from the heater.
  • Water oozing from the valves.
  • Water oozing from the blower.
  • Water coming out from jets.
  • Check all plumbing connections.

People these days are always hard pressed for time, an expert leak detection company apart from repairing the leak(s) professionally also resolves the problem faster, allowing you to attend to other issues. For a hassle free repair, you should immediately contact Certified Leak Detection, to find and fix the problem.

In case you live in and around Orange County, Orlando, Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Apopka, Maitland, Seminole County, Oviedo, Longwood, Winter Springs, Brevard County, Osceola County, Volusia County or Lake County, contact Certified Leak Detection, the specialists in hot tub leak detection and repair. Always remember that minor leaks if left unattended for long can lead to costly repairs.

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