Six Summer Swimming Pool Safety Tips

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Summer days are the time for swimming pools and backyard BBQs. They also create safety hazards and maintenance standards that must not be ignored. From undiscovered swimming pool leaks to drain entrapment laws, there is a lengthy list of things that can put a damper on your fun in the sun. According to the CDC, every day about two out of ten people die of unintentional drowning are children aged 14 or younger. In addition, children aged one to four has the highest drowning rate. With proper poolside etiquette and rules, your summer can be the best one yet. Remember these six helpful tips to keep your pool area beautiful and safe for all.

a. Sanitation, Ventilation & Circulation

A clean pool is a happy pool, a safe pool. It is important to sustain your tile and landscaping to prevent slippery or uneven surfaces. Avoid scale and grout build up by routinely checking pH levels and washing tile and copings. Also, remove debris and other unnecessary items that can cause tripping near the water surface.

Swimming Pool Cleaners:

  • Pressure Side – Swirls materials up for filter to grab Pressure Side
  • Suction Side – Helps your pump draw unwanted materials toward filter (best for pool bottom)
  • Robotic – A full enclosure filtering unit separate from your pump (best for entire pool)Swimming Pool Safety, Summer Pool Safety
  • Manual – Hand Vacuum

b. Dangerous Drains

Drain Entrapments are scary hazards that occur when the filter suction is too strong and not covered properly. Items like clothing, hair and even body parts get sucked into drains and trap something or someone underwater. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Congress have passed Safety Acts and other state guidelines to prevent injury or death from drain entanglement. When swimming, remember to:

  • Follow official regulations
  • Keep a pair of scissors nearby in an Emergency Pack/Pool Safety Pack
  • Use appropriate drain covers

c. Pinpoint Structure and Plumbing Leaks Before Use

The longer you wait to check for leaks, the longer the repair bill and the steeper your water bill will be. Start the search yourself. Try these simple steps to reveal any damage:

  • Check swimming pool surface for cracks and marks in suspicious areas
  • While in the pool, use food coloring to determine the flow direction
  • Use the food coloring technique to check around underwater light fixtures

Note : Plumbing Leaks can be found by pressure testing all ducts.

d. Block Out Unsupervised/Unwanted Guests

All year there should be proper barriers around your swimming pool area. This prevents accidents and even drowning while unsupervised. Small children should never be near the pool unattended. Consider installing:

  • Self-Fastening Fence (at least 4 ft high)
  • Regulation Pool Covers and Drain Covers
  • Water Surface alarm

Remove objects from around and on pool surface to prevent kids and small animals from climbing over the fence.

e. Enforce Rules and Safety Measures

When hosting a pool party or family day by the pool, ensure everyone is well aware of the rules of safety you have in place. Assign someone to be on alert of any dangerous activity and supervise play. If children are present, never leave them unsupervised.

A fun idea to help everyone is clear on the water safety rules is to have children help create a sign listing all pool rules. Hang the rules somewhere everyone can see when entering the swimming pool area.

f. Create a maintenance schedule

Regular maintenance of your swimming pool area will reduce the number of problem situations and unsafe conditions.

  • Monitor water toxicity levels frequently
  • Clean away any debris, toys or uprooted earth
  • Check for leaks and clogs at the beginning and end of open pool season
  • Check effectiveness of drain covers

The least we can do is keep those that we love safe. Enjoy your swimming pool and remember be careful.


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