Get the Floaties: 7 Reasons You Should Teach Your Kids How to Swim

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My parents threw me in the pool when I was a toddler. Not literally, but they enrolled both me and my brother in classes by the time we were two. The YMCA is where I was taught how to swim. Progressing forward, my block floaty was no longer needed. I was able to swim laps despite my nose being just about the only thing you could see above the water’s surface!

I find that teaching your children how to swim early on is just as important as introducing your children to dogs. When I see teenagers or even adults who shy away from dogs, it makes me sad! They are missing out on so much fun because of fear and inexperience.

Swimming should be no different. Swimming is fun, wonderful exercise, and a summer staple. Not to mention swimming is a vital skill everyone should be equipped with.

how to swim

What is the right age to start teaching your children how to swim?

The first question that should come to your mind as a parent is, at what age should I teach my child how to swim?

Michael Phelps, one of the most decorated and successful swimmers of all time, started swimming at the age of seven. Research even suggests that if children don’t learn swimming by the age of nine, there are chances they won’t pick up ever.

Hence, the sooner they are brought in contact with water the better it is for the kid to learn swimming. You can start giving your child swimming lessons from as early as six months. Obviously your child won’t swim from the first day, but he or she would be able to overcome the fear of water; as this is the primary reason why you and your kids are not able to learn swimming later in life. Both adults and kids who do not know how to swim get scared of water, which later holds them back from learning swimming.

Why does your child need to learn how to swim?

  1. Swimming is imperative for your child’s safety.

Sadly, the second most leading cause of inadvertent injury linked deaths is drowning from kids ranged from one to fourteen years old.

From your backyard swimming pool to the bathtub in your house, once your child learns how to swim, he or she masters the first and most important water safety tip. Taking up swimming as a competitive sport can at best be an added advantage, but the primary purpose is to learn a life skill.

  1. Swimming can keep your child fit and healthy.

Swimming not just helps you to stay in shape, it also keeps you in good physical as well as mental health. It is a known aerobic exercise which keeps your heart and lungs healthy. As swimming requires vigorous movement of your body muscles, it is known to be a cardio exercise of high intensity which is extremely good for your health.

If your child is overweight, swimming is the most likely exercise to be recommended by experts for losing weight. Swimming burns calories at a faster rate and is a better exercise for overweight people than many of those regular heavy duty workouts that you do in the gym.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suggests that swimming helps patients suffering from chronic ailments to better cope with their disease. It also improves the joint movement of patients suffering from arthritis.

  1. Swimming helps you fight depression.

Life is very stressful these days, but if you make your child learn swimming it can help fight depression and also alleviate your mood. When you swim your body releases endorphins – these lower your depression and also makes you feel better.

Parents who have children with developmental disability notice that fun activities like swimming improve family ties.

how to swim

  1. Swimming no doubt is a fun and healthy activity.

From kids to adults, just being in the water can be fun, but when you know swimming it can take the recreational activity to the next level. Be it the pool in your backyard or the water park or a pond, kids love to swim and have fun with their friends in water.

And, when the safety aspect is taken care of fun can be unlimited.

  1. Swimming makes you learn time management.

Though not a life skill, time management is an important quality which is the hallmark of a successful person. Swimming assists your children to learn just that, it makes them more disciplined. Since it improves your focus you know better what to do when and how fast.

When you take up swimming as a career, you really have to work hard and train well. You have to fit in your daily chores each day and yet take out time for rigorous training. Following such a schedule and excelling in swimming can only happen if your time management skills are actually good. From training and school to homework, sleep and friends, you have to take out time for each one of these activities. This teaches you to manage your time properly.

Time management, is a skill which stays with you throughout your life.

  1. Swimming teaches you team work, but also hones individuality.

Team work is an important ingredient for prosperity. Your child would need this in abundance once he or she comes out of college and steps into the workplace (not that it is not required when you are studying). One of the biggest advantage of sports is that it teaches your child to work in a team.

But, there are several sports that teach you to work well in a team. Over and above team work, swimming also teaches you to set your own goals, work towards achieving them and then re-setting higher objectives. It gives you plenty of opportunities to prove yourself and challenge your skills, which in turn allows you to improve.

  1. Opens door to several other sports.

There are many other sports which your child would not be able to enjoy if he or she doesn’t know swimming.  These are yachting, scuba diving, canoeing, surfing, triathlon and kayaking.

how to swim

Teaching your child how to swim is an important life skill which you should ensure that they learn as early as possible. From your own pool to the beach, the water should be enjoyed and not fear. Arm your child with the one of the greatest gifts you can give them, a skill forever.

In order to make your child learn swimming you first need to properly maintain your backyard pool. Swimming safety is just as important as your pool maintenance. Do you suspect any swimming pool leaks? If so, contact Certified Leak Detection, pool professionals who can maintain your pool throughout the year.

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