Water Safety: Safety Swimming Tips for Your Pool

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water safety

You are never too old for water safety. You are also never too old for Yoo-hoo, funky socks, or the occasional Pixar movie. These are just facts of life.

With that said, taking our safety for granted is like taking the strength of the drawstrings on your swim trunks for granted post dive! You wouldn’t risk those things flying off, why risk any other pool related danger?

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), from 2005 to 2014, about 3500 fatal drownings occurred unrelated to boating accidents every year. Drowning can be preventable if safety precautions are initially taken and subsequently carried through the entirety of your time in water.

Sadly, the greatest age range victim to fatal drownings are children aged 1 to 9 years of age. However, if you think only children are at risk of drowning, you are wrong. When it comes to adults, of the total drowning deaths – almost 80% are males.

Even certain ethnicities seem to have an impact on the drowning rates. African Americans have a significantly higher drowning rate as compared to the Caucasian Americans across all ages, especially kids in the age group of 11 – 12 years. African Americans in this age group have drowning rates 10 times higher than Caucasians in the same age bracket.

Safety should never be compromised. These accidents can be avoided if safety rules are adhered to strictly.  After all, there is no point in wasting a life, which could have been otherwise saved had someone followed the given instructions and supervisions.

Factors that influence the risk of drowning:

Understanding the factors that influence the risk of drowning is probably the first step towards safe swimming.

Some of these factors are:

  1. water safeetyTeaching your children how to swim from an early age is an important decision all parents should make. Usually local swimming pools like that of a YMCA offers classes for beginners of many age ranges. For the first few years it is recommended new swimmers or weaker swimmers swim only with the aid of “floaties”.
  2.  Proper perimeters around your pool is very important for new toddlers or even pets. Toddlers are just learning to crawl and their covered distance is growing as much as their curiosity. Prevent an accident from happening with pool screens installed around the boarder of your pool.
  3.  It goes without saying that no child should go swimming without adult supervision. Period.

Tips for swimming water safety:

Make your backyard pool a safe place for swimming where both adults and children can swim safely. Follow the safety rules and try and communicate these tips with as many swimming pool homeowners as possible so that precious lives are saved.

  1. First rule of swimming: know how to swim! It is never too late or even too early to enroll in swimming classes. Parent and baby classes are offered for babies as young as six month old! No excuses here!
  2.  With that said, no one should go swimming alone, especially young kids. Encourage buddy swimming system! This also applies to having a supervisor present. Be the life guard of your household!water safety
  3. Put in place the fence – these fences are easily installed and easily cleaned up for when you’re ready for a day in the pool. Fencing can protect accidental falls in the pool made by toddlers, pets, and even the elderly.
  4. Have a bin to store any poolside tools. You’d be surprised that the above mentioned falls can happened from rings, balls, or goggles laying around!
  5. Most Florida pools are not made deep enough for diving boards because of our water levels. With that said, always check the depth of your deep-end before having a diving board installed. Even just regular diving, make sure you “dive out” instead of straight down to avoid hitting the bottom on your pool.
  6. This one seems like a no-brainer but just liked riving, never swim after drinking alcohol. Losing control of your judgement, motor skills, and reflexes are not safe in water.
  7. If your home’s pool is used frequently, consider getting certified in CPR. In addition to that, create a to-do checklist in case of emergencies. You and your family should be prepared to take necessary actions if an accident occurs. The Red Cross has classes all around the Orlando area, and all are under $100.water safety
  8. Hire a pool maintenance company to keep the water safe – Make sure you hire a professional pool maintenance company so that your pool water remains safe to swim at all times. Maintaining the correct chemical levels in your pool is important.

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For all your pool maintenance needs round the year call Certified Leak Detection now and enjoy safe swimming.

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