PRESS RELEASE: Certified Leak Detection Extends the Shelf Life of Tropicana All Season Pools

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For over 20 years, Tropicana All Season Pools and Spas has been the go-to pool manufacturer for countless Florida families. They have developed a strong reputation in the industry and have sold millions of pools nationwide.

However, no pool is immune to natural wear and tear. This is especially true in Florida, where record high temperatures and yearly hurricanes and rainstorms cause higher than average damage to pool foundations, slabs and pipes.

The shelf life of a Tropicana pool in Maine or Wisconsin, for example, is nearly 35% longer than that of a Florida pool. However, a local pool leak detection company is proving that proper leak detection and preventative measures can give Tropicana pool owners a bit more life from their investment.

Take Bob Jeffers for example. Jeffers invested in a Tropicana pool in the 1980’s and started noticing a slow climb in his water bill as the pool aged.

“I have a 37 year old Tropicana Pool with all the bell and whistles that was leaking,” says Jeffers.

“I was ready to have a pool sale…..…just dig it up and take it away! But [Certified Leak Detection] came out and analyzed the situation and isolated the leaks. It took several weeks and multiple trips, but he found all the leaks for one reasonable price.”

How do you know if your Tropicana pool is developing a leak? Try the DIY bucket test. A pool should only lose 1/8 inch of water each day to evaporation. If you are losing more than that, you need a certified swimming pool leak detection expert to take a look.

Certified Leak Detection has decades of Orlando leak detection experience and have supporting thousands of homes owners in creating a pool maintenance and pool repair plan that have added years to the life of their Tropicana All Season Pools.

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