Swimming Pool Leak Detection | Central Florida, FL

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Certified Leak Detection

We specialize in spa and pool leak detection for all residential & industrial swimming pools, spas, & water functions. As the innovators of Our Special Repairing Technique, we are trusted by many regional pool industry leaders throughout the Orlando area who rely on our swimming pool leak detection equipment and swimming pool fracture repair tools.

Spa and Swimming Pool Leak Detection

We discover spa and swimming pool leaks then repair them with exceptional accuracy. Your pool or spa will usually lose some water to evaporation, some to sprinkle out and some to backwash waste water. You could also gain water from rainfall. Our guideline is that if you’re routinely adding more than one inch of water to your swimming pool or spa weekly, you could have a leak in your pool or spa.

Swimming pools and some spas are indicated to be watertight, of course, however sealants will deteriorate, while other parts shift and settle, or just wear out in time. Swimming pools can leak with any of the fittings or devices, plumbing and even right with the shell. It is essential to fix pool leaks, not just to save water, heat and chemicals, however also to avoid weakening pool structural parts, and getting rid of fill dirt.

Swimming Pool Inspections

Residential swimming pool owners come and go. For that extremely reason, we provide pre and post swimming pool assessments to ensure pool buyers and swimming pool sellers are equally secured from the devastating impacts of a swimming pool that leaks water.

We’ll see to it all the swimming pool equipment is working effectively consisting of:

Time clock, valves, pumps, motors, filters, skimmers, lights, heating systems, etc. If there’s a day spa, we’ll see to it it’s working properly.The lights and the electrical will be examined thoroughly. If you desire a total leak detection, we’ll do that also for a small charge.

Structural Pool Crack Repairs

    • Cracked Gunite
    • Hairline Cracks
    • Broken Steps
    • Undetectable Cracks